Titanfall Frontline will be shutting down this Friday

The developers behind the upcoming Titanfall Frontline mobile game have decided to cancel the game for right now, citing that they want to make the game more refined. Since the developers, Particle City, are not happy with the game’s current status and… Continue reading

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This LG G6 concept shows why this could be a bad year for Samsung

2017 is going to be a big year for Samsung. Apple’s supposedly-revolutionary iPhone 8 is coming, smartphone sales are slowing down, and oh yeah, there was that Note 7 thing last year. So the last thing Samsung needs while it’s trying to reclaim its place as the best Android manufacturer is a resurgent LG, sliding in there with a competitive new flagship.

So, Samsung’s designers had better hope LG’s people don’t see this concept.

This LG G6 concept doesn’t ooze innovation in the same way as that iPhone 8 design we saw yesterday. It’s not about a radically new way of thinking about smartphones, but rather, the refinement of everything designers have been working on for years.


It starts with a virtually bezel-free display, which seems to be all the rage this year. Rather than trying to integrate the entire front of the phone into the display, this design is a little more realistic, making the screen edge-to-edge but keeping significant bezel at the top and bottom. The result is a sleek-looking phone that should be able to pack a lot of screen into the real estate, hopefully enough to compete with Samsung.

There’s also a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that could be a good move, depending on what Apple and Samsung choose to do. The most ambitious rumors suggest that the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will use an optical fingerprint sensor hidden under the screen, designed by Synaptics. Even if that works, it will struggle to be as fast as the fingerprint sensors currently found in Android phones, or the iPhone 7. Customers don’t tend to like components that are slower than last year, so LG might be able to pick up some points there.


The rest of the specs are the typical ambitious sky-high thinking that plagues all concept videos (removable battery and waterproof don’t go together, and I’m not sure what you want to store on that 2TB SD card!), but the overall design concept is solid: simple perfection of today’s smartphones, while Apple and Samsung go too far along the path towards innovation. If LG can release a device that’s bug-free, looks like this, and doesn’t explode, 2017 could be a real good year to shop for a smartphone. Continue reading

Bang & Olufsen announce the Beoplay M5 for Australia and New Zealand

Bang & Olufsen has announced a new Chromecast compatible standalone Bluetooth speaker, the Beoplay M5, is now available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand. Designed by award-winning Danish industrial designer, Cecilie Manz. The Beoplay M5 has a minimalist look that should fit in with any decor in two colour choices: Natural and Black, though …

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Google Detects Malicious Apps With Device Checkups

Google’s Verify Apps checkup system isn’t just meant to protect individual users, it’s actually an indirect method that Google uses to detect patterns that can help to detect potentially malicious apps in the Play Store. Using Verify Apps, devices check in with Google periodically to get a security checkup. If a device stops checking in, […]

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Watch live as Nintendo unveils its mobile Fire Emblem game

Less than a week after introducing the world to the Switch, Nintendo will host a Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday at 5 PM ET to discuss upcoming titles in the Fire Emblem series. Beyond that, we don’t know specifically what the company plans to discuss, although we can make some educated guesses.

During the Switch live event last week, Nintendo gave us our first glimpse at Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch. Similar to Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Warriors before it, Fire Emblem Warriors will combine the world and characters of the Fire Emblem series with the gameplay from Koei Tecmo’s popular Dynasty Warriors series. Considering Nintendo is focusing an entire Direct on Fire Emblem, we hope to see some actual gameplay from the crossover title, rather than another CG teaser.

In addition to Fire Emblem Warrior news, we also expect to learn more about the previously announced Fire Emblem mobile title. Last year, Nintendo revealed that it would develop mobile games based on multiple established series, including Mario, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. While all three games were expected to arrive on mobile platforms before the end of 2016, Nintendo ended up delaying Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to early 2017 in order to focus on getting Super Mario Run out the door.

Providing there are no further delays, both the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile titles should be ready to roll out by March, which makes this the perfect opportunity to show off Fire Emblem on iOS (and possible Android) for the first time on Wednesday night.

You can watch the Fire Emblem-focused Nintendo Direct below at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET:

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Microsoft Beta Testing Cortana On Android Lock Screens

Microsoft is currently in the process of testing Cortana functionality on Android lock screens. To be part of the testing, you do need to sign up to the Cortana for Android beta program as that is where the new updated version of Cortana is currently available. Although, as with all things beta, providing there are […]

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